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8th September 2015, 01:39

Jewish Bolshevism doesn't concern mere questions of empirical reality. So when you ask for "sources", it won't make much of a difference. Jews were dis-proportionally present relative to their populations among Socialist leaders (ONLY in some countries) since the Second international. Many famous heroes of our tradition were Jews. This is not by accident - how one explains this, however, relegates to one's position in the wider struggle. How do we explain it? Simple: The dissonance wrought from particularism/universalism and its relationship to the enlightenment. When the individual Jew cannot approximate the particularities of Judaism (which are too narrow, confined to the ghetto, etc.) to a wider culture (for example, a university/gymnasium), it becomes possible for him to adopt a universality. When individual Jews, faced with rabid anti-semitism, recognize that their salvation lies in the negation of nationality itself (INCLUDING their own!), they become predisposed to the ideas they have. For example? I am of Arab origin and I grew up in a predominantly white setting. It is above all for this reason that I eventually became a Communist (Not anymore obviously, but this is what LED to adopting the ideas). So the reasons why members of the intelligentsia become Communists are - so to speak - varied and trivial, I should add. Because the people these "Jews" helped mobilize were of several different nations and tongues (Jewish MASSES were no more attracted to Communism than others - in fact they were a stark minority in the Bolshevik party as a whole). Communism is irreducible to being the idiosyncrasy of the Jewish identity, though the Jewish identity (in the past) could have been a stepping stone for intellectuals to embrace Communism. The Socialist intelligentsia, which of course can never be a huge demographic, of course will have such stark disparities. This is generally found in most nations, anyway: Minorities in general AS INTELLECTUALS (NOT AS MASSES) might be more predisposed. This includes not only national, but sexual, religious, etc. minorities.

Jewish Bolshevism, like anti-semitism in general, is pathological. That means even if every paranoiac claim of the anti-Semite was empirically true, there is no connection with the belief in the claims - and its actual reality. It is its own autonomous, pathological force. The Jew is simply not a tangible figure - he is everywhere and nowhere, and every single specific attribution toward the Jew is followed precisely by another negatively associated exact opposite attribution. Jews are too dirty, and at the same time too arrogantly clean. Jews are disloyal cosmopolitans at the same time as being chauvinistic war-mongerers. They're too invested in "polluting" other nations and races with their blood, and at the same time too reserved an un-assimilated.

It's not just contradictions that exist on the level of "malleable" practical matters that can vary if the consistent goal is "world domination". It's what defines the connotations, the meaning of this so-called drive for "world domination" in the first place. And there is not a shred of consistency in it. In the US, the Jewish inter-faith marriage rate is 50%. The Jews will probably be accused of trying to infiltrate society. If the rate was 5%, they would be accused of "Jewish supremacism".

There is, however, a thread of consistency in the pathology of anti-semitism. Hegel told us that the evil is in the gaze that sees evil all around it. Those who want to distance themselves from their complacency in what they deem evil must simply, blindly condemn it. The same religious conservative who fantasizes over the hedonistic, sinful lifestyle of the secular Atheist visits the strip club. The same society which approaches pedophilia as if it is an external intrusion, i.e. "Get it out! Just get it out of my face!" is the same society which produces the pedophile. Degradation, filth and corruption is not simply something PRODUCED by capitalism as a by-product, it regularly necessiates these to sustain its own understanding of virtue.

And likewise, let us analyze the claims of Jewish-Bolshevism: That Jews used the revolution to enslave and dominate the "host" peoples. The "Jew-Bolsehviks" engage in the most horrendous, grotesque and sick murders, rapes of mass populations in their terror. The leather-claden Jew-Bolsheviks bring terror, destruction and misery - demons straight out of hell. The descriptions of "Bolshevism" given by German propagandists, evident not only in their posters but in their descriptions, are very thorough - an often and recurring them is how "Jewish NKVD" agents nail people against walls, specifically children, mutilate bodies, etc.

But it is not a question of confirming, or not confirming these claims empirically to destroy the pathology. Of course empirically facts blatantly contradict them. But it won't make a difference for them - because again, the Jew is not a tangible figure. One must instead understand the relationship between this pathological fantasy and the mind from which it is wrought - the Nazi ideologue. What are the honest, openly self-described aims of the Nazi ideologue? World-domination of their "race". How, implicitly do the Nazis conceive the occupied peoples? As untermenschen, malleable animals which can be whimsically and cynically starved to death for the war effort. Finally, what was the character of the atrocities of the Nazis? Horrific mutilations, humiliation of civilians, mass rape (the Nazis raped approximately 10 million inhabitants of the Soviet Union, forced-brothels, etc.), rabidly violent misogyny, butcherings of children and women arbitrarily as a result of the actions of partisans, mass death and destruction, terror, and so on.

So to summarize for you, the Fascists were the most spiritually weak, cowardly and feeble cowards. They could not devour, approach with their chests held high, the enigma of Communism. They instead projected from their rotten black hearts the most vile claims upon Communism - they filled the void of this awe-aspiring power with the same darkness that they, by default, think can only ever be constitutive of power. In other words, the nazis were CYNICS - there was no way to ground the MOTIVATIONS of the Bolsheviks in something that could conform to their own ideological coordinates - they HAD to be Jewish conspirators because if it were anything otherwise, they must own up to the might of historical self-consciousness. They did it to JUSTIFY THEMSELVES, EVERY SINGLE CHARACTERISTIC OF THE "JEW-BOLSHEVIKS" CAN EASILY BE ATTRIBUTED TO THE GERMAN FASCISTS. They COUNTERED the ideological power of - Stalinism even - by appropriating what THEY believed its power was owed to. They appropriated its aesthetic, and they were very open about this - Hitler said "there is more than binds us to Bolshevism than not", some Nazis called themselves "We Bolsheviks of the Right" and so on. So the Jew-Bolshevik as a figure is very real, he is to be found among the ranks of the German Naizs. The Fascists are sometimes perfectly self-conscious of their filthy lies too. For example, I forget who - in Italy, they claimed something along the lines of "Even if the Protocols is forged, it is still profoundly true". Go on the web and see all the fucking SHIT they make up - from forged quotes to forged "facts". They literally pull shit out of their ass, and its "truth" is tied to how fucking well it conforms to their pathology. It is the same opportunistic culture of LYING that pervades reactionaries and conservatives as a whole.

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I dunno. You might try Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler. He was pretty big on the "Judeo-Bolshevist foe" threatening the Aryan race. Hannah Arendt believed the Nazis originated the idea; I don't know if that's true.
It's not. it originated in Russia - for it was partially the long history of Russian reaction and its role as the patron of reaction in Europe that formed the basis of Fascism in Germany.

The ardent defenders of "western civilization" (their obsession with Eastern spirituality aside as its own irony) were the bulwark of darkness and barbarism after the collapse of the Russian autocracy. Proto-Nazi ideologues conceived the Bolshevik revolution as "a revolt of the Slavic and Jewish element" against the "German element" supposedly found among the autocracy. And these scum, these fucking barbarians, they dare speak of "Marxism" as though they're worthy adversaries, these fucking brainless shit-eaters? I mean, just compare the depth of our tradition to these dogs prattling of "elements" (?).
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And for that matter, any socialist movement that is strong enough to significantly challenge the bourgeois state is going to include some minorities that are "over"-represented, whether that means Jews, blacks, Chinese, and so on, because questions of minority and national oppression can't be separated from questions of the reproduction of capitalism. Capitalism needs certain, usually ethnically-defined (but also gendered etc.) strata at the bottom of the proletariat to drive down the price of the reproduction of labour, so minority workers experience double, sometimes triple etc. oppression and are potentially among the most militant members of the proletariat. The historic weakness of American socialism is visible in how ghastly white it was; it could not attract black labour (and immigrant labour only grudgingly) and this ruined its long-term chances.
I used to ascribe to this explanation, and yet it is simplistic. I would say that most of the Jewish intelligentsia that constituted important figures were not from working class backgrounds. Furthermore, it is dubious to claim that Jewish workers lead the October revolution when Jews in total were a minority in the Bolshevik party as a demographic (as a whole), and were over-represented vis a vis their population only by 1%.

In addition, it does not explain the prominence of Jewish intellectuals and students in, for exampel, the American counter-culture. Mark Rudd of the SDS explains this - I recommend everyone giving this a read: as well as the high propensity for American Jews to be irreligious. Talking to an Israeli Jew, I was once told that "The only religion of American jews is leftism", and he spoke of them in a tone of great disapproval, speaking of them "putting their political beliefs before their heritage" and so on.

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The predecessor of the Judeo-Bolshevik conspiracy theory was Judeo-Masonic theory that emerged in the aftermath of the French Revolution and the Enlightenment, and nowadays these two theories often find their synthesis in Illuminati.
More interestingly, the Judeo-Masonic conspiracy did not enter into fruition until the Industrial era, culminating in Nazism and Romance Fascism. To demonstrate the more backward nature of countries like Italy, Croatia and Spain to Germany, anti-semitism was more pronounced in the latter while anti-masonry in the former countries.

Before then, reactionary conspiracy theorists like Augustin Barruel to my knowledge did not mention any Jews - only a vast and expansive network of secret societies called "the illuminati". We can suppose that anti-freemasonry is a general expression of anti-liberalism, while anti-semitism is an expression of anti-Communism. The Jew as a figure is, after all, embodying of everything the anti-Communists despise: The negation of nationality, a society living in free association, etc. (for the same reason much of the European far-right is now sympathetic with Israel, which seeks to convert the Jews into just another nation-state). Both emerge as a means to de-legitimize authentic revolutionary situations and reduce them to the logic of their own filth - no one was more conspiratorial, after all, than the European monarchies with their extensive secret police networks, and likewise no one is more predisposed to mass enslavement, degradation and domination than the hellhounds of capital - the Industrialist class, etc.